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About CEB and Colombo City

Enacted by the Ceylon Electricity Board Act No. 17 of 1969, and regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) is the licensee which is responsible for generating, transmitting, distribution and sale of electrical energy in majority the geography of Sri Lanka. While being the sole licensee for transmission it is also the licensee for bulk of the power generation in the country. Further, through four licenses for distribution and sale of electricity, it covers the entire geography of the country including the perimeter sea up to the border. read more >>

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Street Light Issues

Street Light Issues in
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Electricity Distribution System of Colombo City

The peak power demand of Colombo city exceeds 250 MW while its annual energy consumption is around 1200 GWh. Being only a geography of 37 sqkm and having a population of over a million people, electricity distribution network in the City is almost fully underground. The 160,000 customer base 10% of which is heavy supplies over 112 kVA, accounts for 20% of the country's electricity sales and 20% of the revenue earnings of CEB. Colombo City thus is essentially the flagship of CEB distribution sector. read more >>

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Primary Substation "J" Project

A new Primary Substation (named as PSS "J") is now under construction at No 752, Baseline Road... read more >>

Energy Management Unit

The distribution losses in Colombo City at the end of 2004 were 12.2% of which about 7.0 % was non-technical and 5.2 % was technical. The capital investment required to reduce Non-Technical Losses are bare minimum compared with technical losses. The Energy Management Unit was formed in Colombo City in 2004 to address these issues. read more >>

Col City Office

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SMS Alert
No more troubles due to non-payment disconnections.
CEB Colombo city office has introduced SMS alert service to remind consumers about bill payments.
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About E-City

Actions are continuously being taken in CEB - Colombo City to improve its services to consumers. Customer Care Centers (called as E-City) have been established at following locations to serve the customers in an efficient and friendly environment. read more >>

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