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Electricity Distribution System of Colombo City

The peak power demand of Colombo city exceeds 250 MW while its annual energy consumption is around 1200 GWh. Being only a geography of 37 sqkm and having a population of over a million people, electricity distribution network in the City is almost fully underground. The 160,000 customer base 10% of which is heavy supplies over 112 kVA, accounts for 20% of the country's electricity sales and 20% of the revenue earnings of CEB. Colombo City thus is essentially the flagship of CEB distribution sector.

Being the province with the lowest outage and the lowest energy loss of 6.3% in CEB, Colombo City has lived up to the expectations within CEB. Salient features of Colombo City Province are

  • Round the clock breakdown repair service
  • Hotline for complaints on power failures and related issues
  • Totally customer oriented services to cater all general needs of the city dwellers and public through four service centers "E-City"
  • SCADA controlled medium voltage network
  • Fully committed energy management and energy efficiency improvement units offering services to any one in need
  • Ability to provide heavy supplies up to 1.5 MVA anywhere in the City
  • The only province having a higher average selling price than that of the country.
  • Remote metering of heavy supplies
  • Maintenance of 132 kV, 33 kV and 11 kV cable networks and substations
  • GIS for high voltages
  • Execution of major projects by its own staff (no turnkey contractors for MV or LV work)
  • An intranet covering all operating offices, depots and units
  • Utilization of information technology to execute front end control of all the activities
  • Exclusive use of Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Electronic File Management (EFM) systems for safe storage and preservation of data and minimizing use of paper