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About CEB and Colombo City

Enacted by the Ceylon Electricity Board Act No. 17 of 1969, and regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) is the licensee which is responsible for generating, transmitting, distribution and sale of electrical energy in majority the geography of Sri Lanka. While being the sole licensee for transmission it is also the licensee for bulk of the power generation in the country. Further, through four licenses for distribution and sale of electricity, it covers the entire geography of the country including the perimeter sea up to the border.

The four distribution licensee areas are managed as four regions by CEB under four Additional General Managers. These regions are sub divided into operating units demarcated geographically (as Provinces) and manned by Deputy General Managers.

The Colombo City Division is geographically the smallest of these Provinces. Its operating area is the City limits of Colombo which coincides exactly with that of the Colombo Municipal Council.

The functions of Colombo City Province of CEB extend to operating all electricity distribution utilities within the City of Colombo including the 132 kV cable networks that feed the City. The nature of the network is such that all such utilities cater the needs of Colombo City almost exclusively. The other specialty of the Colombo City Province is that the entirety of its medium voltage distribution network as well as majority of the low voltage network is underground. Having been vested with maintaining and operating the internal installations of key Government Institution buildings in the City, the Province is virtually a complete power distribution utility.